Urban Traffic Solutions

Target customers

The main users of our urban traffic management systems are municipalities, traffic departments, security authorities or private real estate developers building gated communities and residential compounds where internal traffic could be considerable with traffic intersections and have need for dynamic signs.
Traffic control and management remains a particular challenge in densely populated cities and towns. A more efficient use of existing roadway capacities, harmonized traffic flows, emission-related traffic control, prioritization of public transport means and the focus on pedestrian safety are some of OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS’ approaches to better manage urban mobility. OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS has proven that its solutions in constant traffic monitoring and adaptive traffic control help reduce travel times. Adaptive traffic control systems by OPEN MINDS trace and detect traffic data and actuate optimum management strategies for the regulation of urban traffic.


OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS’ control centers manage connected sub systems like traffic light systems and detection devices and provide the means for the integration of traffic control systems, parking management systems, etc.
Hardware and software systems are based on modular design and in conformity with international standards guarantees smooth integration and expandability. Modern communication technology, supporting a variety of protocols, ensures that data exchange is simple and straightforward.


Intelligent controller systems help to cope with high urban traffic volumes in order to utilize existing traffic infrastructure in the best possible way and to protect people and the environment. With our traffic light systems, traffic computers and fault indication systems we improve traffic safety and the management of rising traffic volumes in an innovative way.

OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS is one of the leading providers of traffic controllers. The successful implementation of our systems is based on comprehensive know-how and long standing experience in traffic management and traffic safety.


The collection of traffic information is a major element in traffic management. Detection is multifaceted and is used for various applications such as speed enforcement, headway detection, traffic counting, classification, incident detection and access control, to name just a few. OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS is your specialist for any detection technology, including induction loops, video detection, radar, infrared and combined detection units.


OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS delivers Traffic Lights with latest LED modules generation, with a wide range of different housing shape, size, color.

The innovative design, the compact and modern shape, the environmental friendliness, obtained by using an exclusive low power Led lighting source, make our traffic signal head the traffic light of the twenty first century.


Variable Message Signs (VMS) are key elements of dynamic traffic management systems. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable displays inform, warn, and guide motorists on highways and expressways.


Our OpenPark solution is designed with the state of the art components from high quality barriers, unique entry stations and our patented LPR software. We do have support for long range and short range RFID readers and tags. Our system can manage unlimited gates to work together as access control or multiple entry-multiple exit parking system with seasoned our hourly parking fee management.