Company Profile

Open Minds is the leading engineering consulting and professional service provider with more than 20 years of experience in ITS and Mobility offering design services from concept to detailed design as well as implementation support. Our experience covers the following:

  • Gate access control and Parking systems and Perimeter surveillance.
  • Smart street lighting with central monitoring and control.
  • Infrastructure SCADA solution for water, waste water, electricity infrastructure.
  • Street traffic sensors and intersection control.
  • Street digital signage for traffic, general information or advertising.
  • Managed Public WIFI services.
  • Building automation Systems and Smart home automation.


  • Intelligent Transportation Systems integration to respond to the fast growing demand on Highway and urban traffic management systems in Egypt and in the International markets in partnership with European technology developers mentioned above.
  • Tunnel management integrated solutions including Siemens SCADA and integration with different traffic sensors and environmental sensors as well as digital signs and control over ventilation, power management, fire detection, emergency telephone systems, as many other systems.
  • Integrated solutions for parking management system developed by Open Minds team.
  • Solar energy solutions for power generation on-grid and off-grid as well as solar street lighting.
  • Complete building automation solutions including:

1. Smart Home Automation Solutions
2. Security and access control
3. Data networks infrastructure
4. Smart surveillance systems
5. Centralized SCADA solutions and control center design


Open Minds CIT is the leader in implementing intelligent transportation systems locally and in Arabic language in partnership with international market leaders. Please see below a list of technology developers we already cooperate with:

  • FLIR: American top manufacturer of thermal cameras and traffic management sensors and systems.
  • SIEMENS: German leader in providing urban traffic systems like intersection controllers, signal heads, with a centralized city traffic management software for managing green waves and adaptive signal control. SIEMENS also provides a high end solution for license plate recognition cameras and systems that we adopt in our highway management and parking systems.
  • GANZ: Japanese manufacturer of Megapixel cameras for security and highway surveillance a wide range of thermal and optical cameras.
  • ARH: The leading European manufacturer of Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras.
  • ADEC: The leading Swiss manufacturer of car detection radars for traffic statistics and speed detection.
  • Tunnel Sensors: The British environmental sensors manufacturers especially for tunnel management.
  • Sensa: The Shlumberger company subsidiary specialized in Fiber optics detection for fire and temperature over log ranges for tunnel management.
  • LACROIX: French company specialized in production of outdoor variable message signs (VMS), traffic signal heads and controllers for managing intersections and highway signage like variable speed messages, lane control and access control systems for highways and tunnels.
  • ZIPATO: A leading European manufacturer of smart home and smart building automation.

We strive to support you

We will be glade to help in planing your deployment from the early stage of requirement analysis and tender document preparation throughout the project life cycle.

For free assessment please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wael Hossam

CEO – Open Minds CIT