After 30 months of pre-sales activities the Port Said Tunnel ITS and Control solution solution is finally awarded to our partner STS. Open Minds is the technical consultant for the main contractor Summit Technology Solutions.

Open Minds scope is to prepare the final design for the implementation of the integrated tunnel control solution. The solution is based on Siemens telecommunication and control equipment. That includes RUGGEDCOM and SCALANCE switches and Step-7 PLC ranging from the 400 series to the ET-200.

The ITS solution is designed in partnership with leading technology providers including FLIR ITS for AID solution, SWARCO for Variable Message Signs, Bosch for Public Address, Schlumbers Sensa for Linear Heat Detection, Tunnel sensors and Euro-Gas for environmental sensors, and finally Norphonic for Roadside emergency phones working with Alcatel OXE IP PABX.

The real value of our solution is the seamless integration of all above systems to achieve safe operation and successfully implement all life and safety relevant standards.

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