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Nov 24, 2016, 7:35 AM
Please come and visit us at Cairo ICT 2016 as we will be showing our latest cloud based License Plate Recognition solution. With Open Park everyone can get LPR without buying expensive cameras and expensive software. Install you camera and pay a small monthly subscription online. Please find us in the "Time for Egypt' Pavilion in Hall 5 as we were selected as one of the most innovative Egyptian developers to be show cased in the largest 1400 sqm ITIDA official pavilion.
Nov 7, 2016, 5:01 AM
OpenPark Gate Access control online demo is an actual OpenPark appliance connected to the Internet and published through Open Minds CIT website. For demo please use the following credentials: User: demo Pass: demo To send you gate images to recognize the license plates please send them using FTP client like File Zilla using the below FTP account for the 4 cameras: FTP User:- ftp_cam1 Password:- P@$$W0rd FTP User:- ftp_cam2 Password:- P@$$W0rd FTP User:- ftp_cam3 Password:- P@$$W0rd FTP User:- ftp_cam4 Password:- P@$$W0rd